We live in a time of unprecedented wealth, digital connection, and personal autonomy-- void of financial peace, authentic relationships, and a preeminent purpose for living. 


As business leaders, we possess the platform to fill this void acting as catalysts for flourishing.    


It is time for those of us who have been called to honor God by creating jobs, influencing our communities, and providing true Moral leadership, to step up and change the world by creating high impact enterprises.  


Enterprise Stewardship creates a high impact on business practices using the ES strategic framework and proven tactical tools. ​


​We view business as an ENTERPRISE; an important project requiring effort, innovation and risk. Additionally, we believe that it should be guided by a STEWARD; a person who is entrusted to faithfully manage the property of another.


As Christian business leaders, our role is to steward important, innovative, and world-changing projects we call business.



ES is a proven, redemptive, strategic FRAMEWORK coupled with practical TOOLS that will transform a business into a high impact enterprise.    The FRAMEWORK is built on the concept that business should be a transformative agent for creating flourishing.  And flourishing thrives when people have sufficient material provision (Economic Capital),  a trusted relational community (Social Capital), and a Purpose and meaning in life (Spiritual Capital).  When a company pursues these three forms of capital and not just the financial bottom line, the culture at the company will be transformed. At the end of the day, this proven philosophy will give you and your employees a renewed sense of purpose, a collective pursuit of excellence, and a fresh perspective to evaluate how your work impacts the world. In short, you will be operating a high-impact business.  

The ES framework will not only create significant financial rewards (Economic Capital) but will inspire and impact the people at your business to live as if they are part of a team, aspiring to help each other and promote the common good (Social Capital).  And most importantly, your team members will come to understand the purpose of your company is to Honor God (Spiritual Capital).   It is an understanding that we as the leaders of the company acknowledge our faith in God and the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us.   This is a life-changing, high impact, world-transforming way of thinking and believing.  

The TOOLS are proven processes and procedures that have been developed over the last 25 years to provide practical application to the philosophical framework.


Enterprises that have embraced and implemented the ES Framework have demonstrated significant impact. Financial returns have exceeded risk adjusted returns for comparable companies. Social impact for the common good has been acknowledged by many as best in class. And operating a company based on a Higher Purpose guided by Biblical Principles provides a foundation of integrity and character for all regardless of a person’s religious world view.